Programmes Offered

A) Under -Graduate Level

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) – (Six Units) 

  1. B. A. in Marathi
  2. B. A. in Hindi
  3. B. A. in English
  4. B. A. in Geography
  5. B. A. in Economics
  6. B. A. in History
  7. B. Political Science

  B) Post-graduate Level

Master of Arts (M.A.) 

  1. M. A. in Marathi
  2. M. A. in Hindi
  3. M. A. in History

 C) Research Programme

i) Ph.D. Arts in the Subject of Hindi.

Faculty of Commerce

A) . Under- Graduate Level

 Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)

B).  Post-graduate Level

 Master of Commerce (M.Com.)

P.O. / P.S.O. / C.O.


BA Marathi Special

  • Students are enabled to appreciate, to taste and analyze literature.
  • Elucidate the relation between Society and Literature.
  • Knowledge of historical background of particular literary period and the nature and motivation behind it.
  • Introduce correct composition or orthography in Marathi.
  • Able to understand language fully and use it properly.

BA English Special

  • Write grammatically and stylistically accurate English.
  • Speak comprehensible English with correct accent and tone.
  • Interpret literary texts using standard critical tools.
  • Analyze literary and cultural texts to explain their ideological substructures.
  • Discover the delicate relationship between history, culture and literary production.

BA Economics Special

  • Get knowledge of the present economic theory and applications in written and oral form.
  • Be well trained about the rationale of current changes in the export import policies of India.
  • Get knowledge of public policies and operations which include the use of tax, expenditure, budget policy, use of resources and distribution of Income.
  • Understand the legal aspects of Banking dealings and its inferences as Banker and Consumer.
  • Become aware of the Banking Law and Practice in India and understanding of the operations and developments in financial Markets in India

BA Geography Special

  • Get knowledge of the basic concepts in physical geography.
  • Understand how to guard and preserve different landforms.
  • Provide Knowledge of basic principles and concepts of climatology and oceanography.
  • Understand the structure and component of weather and physical setup of Oceans.
  • Understand how economic geography is applicable to world economic system.

BA History Special

  • Get basic knowledge of the Ancient Civilization and Culture in the past.
  • Understand the sources, importance of heritage sites and understood idea of History.
  • Knowledge of the general idea of chronology, basic concept of History and values like tolerance.
  • Familiarize students with the forces in the international politics.
  • Prepare oneself for the component of History in Competitive examinations.

B. Com

  • Recognize, understand and imbibe soft skills required for the business world.
  • Build the abilities to become a successful entrepreneur, prepare a business plan, set up and manage own venture.
  • Maintain books of accounts of small scale and medium scale industrial units. 4. Develop skills of computation of income, submission of Income Tax Returns.
  • Acquire various costing techniques and do the Cost Audit.




BA Marathi

  • Enable students to understand, to taste and analyze literature.
  • Explain the relation between Society and Literature.
  • Knowledge of historical background of specific literary period and the nature and motivation behind it.
  • Able to understand language fully and use it appropriately.

BA English

  • Introduce students to some advanced areas of language study
  • Develop literary sensibility and sense of cultural diversity in students
  • Familiarize with the significant critical approaches and terms
  • Encourage and enable them to read the various types of texts independently and discuss them among peers.
  • Understand the literary merit, beauty and creative use of language
  • Enhance students awareness in the aesthetics of poetry and to empower them to read, appreciate and critically evaluate the poetry independently.
  • Encourage students to make a detailed study of a few sample masterpieces of English Drama from different parts of the world.

BA History

  • Get familiar with Modern World and acquaint with the Socio-economic and Political developments in other countries and understand the contemporary world in the light of its background History.
  • Orient students about how history is studied, written and understood.
  • Orient the students with political history of Asia.
  • Understand the Socio –economic, cultural and political background of 17th century Maharashtra.
  • The course is designed to help the student to know- History of freedom movement of India, aims, objectives problems and progress of Independent India.
  • Study ancient Indian Art & Architecture.
  • Provide an understanding of the social, economic, religious bases of medieval India.

BA Economics

  • Understand the importance of economic development in uplifting the developing countries.
  • Understand and analyze the economic problems in real life situations.
  • Create awareness among the students of Modern Banking System.
  • Understand the nature and scope of economics, the theory of consumer behavior
  • Create awareness among students about the basic theoretical framework underlying the field of macroeconomics

BA Geography

  • Acquaint students with the utility and application of Physical Geography in different  areas and environment
  • Acquaint with the applications of Climatology and Oceanography in different areas and environment.
  • Integrate the various factors of economic development and to acquaint the students about this dynamic aspect of economic geography  4. Acquaint with the principles of surveying, its importance and utility in geographical study.
  • Identify and understand environment and population in terms of their quality and spatial distribution pattern.


  • Take the note of new industrial and commercial scenario.
  • Equip and enable our young graduates to accept the challenges of 21st century.
  • Accommodate latest happenings, researches, modules, information and technologies in each subject of the faculty of commerce. (e.g. e-commerce, e-banking etc.)
  • Develop students’ communication skills.
  • Get advanced knowledge in special subjects as well as in the allied subjects.
  • Develop appropriate skills in the students so as to make them self-reliant, competent and motivate them for self-employment.